Thursday, August 6, 2009

UPDATE: Maggwire's Partners

Three days ago, I wrote a short notice here about Maggwire, an aggregator of magazine article links in an easy-to-maneuver format. I noted that it was an interesting site but still had room to grow, and I pointed out that the Comics and Sci Fi category only included three magazines and was in fact dominated by the British title Sci Fi Now.

Maggwire co-founder Jian Chai left a comment on that post, in which he noted "... we are working hard on making this category better. Soon we will have articles from Starlog and Fangoria. We will also look into The Comics Journal and Cinefantastique soon."

"Soon" is right! Just a few days later, and the Comics and Sci Fi section includes quite a number of articles from Fangoria, and Total Film and Empire are also represented. It's nice to see that Maggwire is developing so rapidly -- not just in my geeky science-fiction category, either. I didn't see links to foreign-language publications, but that may not be part of their plan (you gotta start with one language, after all); however, that might be a natural way to expand further once they've established themselves.

Anyway, nice work.

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