Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tony Timpone's Elegy for Starlog

Elegy, indeed.

For months now, former readers of Starlog's print magazine have been told that it was on print hiatus, not "dead forever." Readers of surviving sister mag Fangoria might assume otherwise, because not a word about print revival appears in Fango Editor Tony Timpone's "Elegy" column in the September issue of that magazine.

In a column titled "Starlog Lives!" and giving brief history of the genre media market, Timpone does a nice job of giving props to his publishing elders. Most likely, the article was intended to remind people that Starlog lives -- online, at a good but still-developing web site. But after reading the piece, I'm left with the impression that the lack of any mention of print tells us something. No hope.

Which means that those of us who like to have a print science fiction magazine to relax with on the couch will have to continue our search elsewhere. Newsstand trollers will probably have already spotted the first couple issues of the Fantastique, the new English-language edition of L'Ecran Fantastique, a 40-year-old French fantasy and SF mag. Among its contributors is Keith Olexa, a former Starlog managing editor. I'll do a full-blown review of it in the future; for now, I'll just say it's worth watching because it is something different from the British lad SF mags (SFX, Sci Fi Now, DeathRay, etc.), which all seem to have the same attitudes and busy layouts. Too bad its own design is dark and unpleasing.


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