Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wayback Machine: Bad Astonomy on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

Sometimes I get to put a bunch of favorite topics into one blog post. Earlier today, I managed to include in one posting the topics of magazines, gays, Playboy, and anti-discrimination. How many can I put in this one? Well:

Blogger Phil Plait writes in his Bad Astronomy blog on Discover magazine's web site about his experience on the NPR news quiz radio program Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me. This is from the Wayback Machine, because Plait wrote it in 2007. But I still found it interesting (and, as they say, it was news to me, because I hadn't read it before), so if you want to read a cute short article about how Plait was called by the program's host to supply a funny story about NASA, check out his blog posting. He wasn't able to do so, so he called his pal James Oberg (a former contributor to Future Life magazine, BTW) to get the scoop.

So you don't care? Well, then you're not a NASA geek like I am. But anyway, here are the favorite topics of mine that I squeezed into one blog post: Future Life magazine, James Oberg, Bad Astronomy blog, Discover, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, public radio, NASA, radio quiz shows. Sigh.

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