Monday, August 10, 2009

Dollar Store Magazines

With the purchase of TV Guide for $1 by OpenGate and the talk about McGraw Hill selling BusinessWeek for $1, one naturally asks: What other media company would I pay $1 to buy?

Chicago Tribune: It shrinks and shrinks, and the city of Chicago's once-great panoply of news options shrinks, too.

Starlog: It shrunk and shrunk, and now is no more, at least in print. I might even double the price for this one.

Playboy: Domestically in print, it's severely challenged; online and internationally, it's doing great. Too bad what I care about most is the print.

Esquire: Its leaders seem bored by the very idea of putting out a magazine, but it remains one of the great brands in men's publishing.

Boston Globe: Well, it is for sale. But then, I'd probably have to pretend to be a Red Sox fan, so $1 is way too much.

Discover: We have got to change the design of this magazine. Generally good content is lost in a world of san-serif madness.

InStyle: Okay, I admit, I'd only buy this one so I could close it down. Pure snobbery on my part, but I apologize not.

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