Sunday, August 23, 2009

SF Zine Fest in Pictures

I spent part of my afternoon today at SF Zine Fest, an expo in San Francisco for independent publishers of comics and magazines (and a few arts and crafts). It's a smaller event than the Alternative Press Expo, but it also was cheaper to get in. The event was held at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park August 22-23.

It's always nice to see people publishing their works on their own, not being held back by lack of funding or a big publishing organization behind them. It's also interesting to chat with people who are learning the hard way how to sell, how to talk customers into buying three for the price of two, and how to get people to pick up a comic book and look inside.

I bought a small selection of six comics, including several from Indrind Press (aka Andy Warner and Steven Foundling). Anything I missed, I will most likely be able to find at Alternative Press Expo in October.

Andy Warner (below), one half of Indrind Press and all of Andysaurus.

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