Friday, August 28, 2009

Battle of the Burger Pics: Chicago vs The Commonwealth

The new edition of Chicago magazine arrived in my mailbox yesterday, sporting a closeup cover photo of a giant juicy hamburger. It immediately reminded me of the December 2008 cover we put together for The Commonwealth magazine.

For our cover, we went to the nearest bistro here in San Francisco's financial district, and we bought two sandwiches. One was a turkey club, and the other was some vegetarian concoction. We combined them to form the sandwich with the height we needed for the cover. You can see the result in the photo. (No food was injured in the making of this cover shoot; all sandwich material was eagerly swallowed up by young staffers following the photo session.)

Chicago, of course, is owned by Tribune Company, so God only knows what sort of budget they had to make their burger. They probably had it prepared in orbit -- because a low-gravity environment makes the cheese melt more uniformly, as I'm sure you know -- and beamed it directly to their expensive Michigan Avenue studios, where a team of fashion experts and eunuchs spent days making it look just right.

Both covers are shown here. Which burger would you rather eat? Do we need Bobby Flay to do a throwdown?

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