Friday, August 14, 2009

Magazines: New Scandinavian Architecture & Urbanism Magazine Launched: Conditions

It's cold over there in Scandinavia. While they're sitting around in their quaint cabins dressed vaguely like elves, the Scandinavians spend their time designing and creating things. Usually good things. Modernist furniture, Saabs, mobile phones.

Now they've put all of their IKEA stock dividends to good use and launched Conditions, a "magazine for architecture and urbanism." Visit the web site; if you click on the link for "current issue" and scroll down, you can see some (small) sample spreads from the magazine's first issue.

Another magazine to watch for, assuming it gets much distribution here.

You can check out the mag's blog here.

It's funny; I've never thought of Scandinavia as a magazine powerhouse -- and it isn't. Nonetheless, there's also a men's fashion magazine from that region called DVMan, which also publishes an English-language edition I've seen at Borders and other U.S. booksellers. Also, not a bad magazine.

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