Friday, February 29, 2008

The Call's Coming from Inside the House!!!

So critics are calling Hillary Clinton's new ad, which warns about Obama's inexperience in a crisis, her "Daisy ad," referring to the famous LBJ ad in which he implied that Goldwater would cause a nuclear war. Personally, I don't think the Daisy ad was out of bounds, and I see nothing wrong with Clinton's ad. Both tell people to look at the consequences of the choice they will make.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Richard Hatch at Wondercon 2008

I remember seeing Richard Hatch at a small science fiction convention in New York City seven or eight years ago. He was there talking Galactica and signing autographs; I mainly remember that as I was leaving the restroom, he was rushing in to one of the stalls to change clothes for his presentation.

So, it was nice to see him with a table at San Francisco's Wondercon February 22. He was right next to his fellow original Battlestar Galactica alum, Herb Jefferson Jr. (who played Boomer to Hatch's Apollo). I apologize for not having a photo of Jefferson; it turned out blurry (new camera).

On the Floor at Wondercon 2008 ...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Overheard at Wondercon 2008

The Wondercon comics convention came to San Francisco this weekend. Loooong lines and about 3 million vendors made the exhibit floor a very busy and slightly uncomfortable place.

But there was much to see. In this photo, you see a friendly storm trooper giving directions to people waiting in line. (Interestingly, when I showed up, the line for people who had pre-registered was at least twice as long as the line for people who were registering on-site.) I have other photos and an odd video I'll be posting, as soon as I figure out what's wrong with my troublesome new camera.

On the exhibit floor, I passed the booth of someone (an artist? a comics publisher or editor?) who was talking to two college-age men, presumably comics artist-wannabees. The artist/publisher/editor/whatever was holding up their business card and noting all the things their card had that a business card should have -- name, phone, address, e-mail. But, he said, "Your art on the card stinks." Brutal. I grimaced for the two young men and moved on, but later they passed me, and I overheard one of them saying to the other with apparent pride, "I just got a critique from _______ _______!"

I hope the other things the professional had to say were more helpful (and more professional) than telling him his artwork stinks.