Monday, August 3, 2009

Is Maggwire the Google News for Magazines?

No, to answer the question in the title of this post. But Maggwire's similar, a web site offering links to online free articles from magazine web sites. They are also categorized by a wide range of subject matter sections (Food & Wine, Tech, Sports, etc.).

I naturally checked the Comics and Sci Fi category, which was completely comprised of articles from the British SF magazine Sci Fi Now. To be more accurate, they mostly looked like links to the short daily updates and tweets put out by the magazine's staff, not to complete articles from the print edition (though this was admittedly my first time visiting the site, so one day's exposure shouldn't be taken to be representative). Though Sci Fi Now made up all of the links, there was a list of links to publishers off to the right on the page, and that included a whopping three: Sci Fi Now, SFX (another British SF magazine), and Wizard Universe. So far, at least, no Starlog, Fangoria, The Comics Journal, Cinefantastique, etc.

Though the site lacks comprehensiveness right now, it probably bears watching. For an interview with the site's founders, see Mr. Magazine.
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