Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why Are All the Journalists on Twitter Today?

Generally, the top 10 Trending Topics on Twitter are overwhelmingly ridiculous things that are either stupid viral phrases to let people say what they hate or like about something, or they are obvious marketing ploys to get people to spread the word about some worthless product or service.

But right now, three of the top 10 are all related to the news (see item) about Nielsen closing Editor & Publisher magazine and its sister title Kirkus Reviews: "Editor & Publisher," "E&P," and "Kirkus Reviews" are all on the list. Now, those are all things that the average American -- much less the average Twitter user -- has never heard of.

There are trillions of people on Twitter these days. So how did these three topics happen to get so popular on the service this morning? Have so many editors and publishers and writers been laid off that they have nothing to do but tweet day-in, day-out, and they've finally formed a critical mass on Twitter?

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