Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The New Republic to Shed up to One-Third of Its Staff

The New Republic, the leftwing/rightwing political journal published out of Washington, will be laying off either one-third of its staff or 15 percent of its staff (sources differ), reports FishbowlNY. Fishbowl's sources at the magazine say they've been told from the top that it'll be one-third of the staff, but the mag's reps told Fishbowl it'll be a 15-percent reduction.

Fishbowl acknowledges that it doesn't know if that one-third is one-third of the editorial staff or of the entire staff, and I guess it might therefore be possible that both numbers are correct. Then again, I have no sources at the magazine; I used to know an editor, but he moved on.

I need new sources!

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