Friday, December 18, 2009

Rick Steves Gets His Own Smithsonian Travel Magazine

Rick Steves, the popular travel host who heads up a multimedia empire, will be able to add a Smithsonian magazine to his list of accomplishments. Smithsonian Presents: Travels with Rick Steves will  be a 100,000-circulation newsstand special written completely by Steves and edited by the staff of Smithsonian magazine.

Slated for an early May 2010 release, the magazine could be just the beginning of a collaboration between Steves and Smithsonian, according to Folio:.

A core idea behind much of Steves' approach to international travel is that you should go and learn about the places and the people; learn it on their terms, don't go and expect things to be like your home in Santa Barbara. Hence the title of his most recent book and blog, Travel as a Political Act.

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