Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What Do Andrew Probert, Gil Gerard and David Gerrold Have in Common?

Star Trek: The New Voyages is a fan-created (i.e., not produced for commercial reasons nor by Paramount, but with the tacit acceptance of the studio) series of new Star Trek episodes. The news today is that an upcoming episode will feature guest stars Gil Gerard (who is best known for starring in the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century series in the late 1970s) and Andrew Probert, who is a prolific and excellent artist and designer who has done a ton of work on various Star Trek projects (official ones, that is).

So, a shout-out to New Voyages. This blog retains a warm place in its heart for Probert. Probert's web site kindly links to my web site, where I post an article I wrote (a decade or so ago for my friend Aaron Barnhart's TV Barn, when I wrote a weekly science fiction TV column) about a TV production on which Probert had worked. Starhunt was a never-made project based on a great book by David Gerrold, whom I interviewed for that article.

BTW, previous episodes of New Voyages have included guest stars such as George Takei, Denise Crosby, and Walter Koenig, among others; they also included the two-part Fire and Blood, written and directed by David Gerrold, which finally broke Trek's inexplicable (and unpardonable) gay taboo.

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