Thursday, December 10, 2009

David McDonnell Leaves Starlog

Wow. It's quite a day for media news, isn't it? Bob Greenberger, who has toiled for years in the comics and fiction worlds, reports that his old friend and former coworker David McDonnell is leaving Starlog after nearly three decades at the science fiction media magazine/web site.

Starlog magazine's print edition ceased publication earlier this year. As a web-only property (with unrealized hints of a return to the print world at some point), the title carried on under McDonnell. Now, the title has lost its longtime leader, and Greenberger suggests that this development represents "pretty much turning off the light on a property that a generation or two of us grew up on as the primary source of news and interviews before the Internet eventually sounded its death knell."

Best wishes to McDonnell, wherever he might land. As for Starlog, who knows? The company hasn't seemed to have a clear strategy for its science fiction title for a while, and the company's focus seems to be all on its horror titles. Naturally, you go with what's hot, but I think they're leaving a lot of money on the table by letting Starlog waste away. Will they sell the title? Try to carry on under a different leader?

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