Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3D Really not Important to Avatar

I was scared away from seeing the Avatar 3D Imax showing today because of the long line around the block outside the theatre an hour before the movie started. I checked inside, however, and found that all of the Avatar Imax showings of the film were sold out today. So I went to a different theatre and saw a plain old normal 3D edition of the movie, as I had this past weekend.

About halfway through the movie, I realized something: The 3D really added nothing to my enjoyment of the film. The amazing scenery and action were enough in 2D to be awe-inspiring; but the 3D was not noticeable enough to play an important role with the audience (well, with me), and I suspect that when I watch it on ol' 2D blu ray in a few months, I won't even notice the lack of 3D.

I didn't mind that 3D. Just sayin'.

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