Monday, December 21, 2009

Ben Bova on Christmas: Deciphering Santa's Political Preference

Ben Bova is a major figure in the science fiction landscape, having authored numerous views, been at the vanguard of arguing the scientific point of view, and edited Analog and Omni magazines. He's still at it, producing books and more, but a quick web search this morning revealed that he also writes a column for his local newspaper, the Naples News, in Florida.

In one of his latest columns for that paper, he tackles the toughest question of all: Is Santa a Democrat or Republican? If you're used to Bova writing tough-as-nails science-and-political thrillers, you might want to check out his column for a little Christmas holiday cheer.

Personally, I think Santa's showing his northern European ("old Europe," in Donald Rumsfeld's eyes) roots with his extravagant giveaway of toys to kids, an overindulgence that simply can't be easily understood in this economic climate. The real question is whether he's a Christian Democrat or a Social Democrat. Any ideas?

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