Sunday, March 28, 2010

Turmoil, Dissention Reported at China's Science Fiction World Magazine

The Science Fiction Blog reprints a Chinese news report about conflict between editors and the president of the company that publishes Science Fiction World, reportedly the world's largest SF magazine.

According to the article, the editors are rebelling against drastic cost-cutting that has forced them to try to write the stories themselves, and for the art staff to do the illustrations themselves (rather than pay professional fiction writers and artists to do so).

The company's president looks pretty bad in the report, but frankly this is too far away and the reports too unclear at this point to know if it's as bad as it seems. After all, the president would have to be a dunderhead to expect editors to write the fiction, unless they just happened to be accomplished fiction authors in addition to being editors. So, while reserving judgment, we'll call him guilty. (Ain't blogging great?)

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