Friday, March 5, 2010

Stay Tuned to Matthew Rettenmund for Scoop on Sen. Roy Ashburn Scandal

Interesting post from blogger Matthew Rettenmund over at boyculture. He claims to have the identity of the so-far-unrevealed male passenger who was in the car with anti-gay California politician Roy Ashburn after Ashburn was pulled over for drunk driving -- allegedly after he visited a local gay bar.

Rettenmund has some good details in his post, so begin there. (He also not only points out the obvious hypocrisy of a closeted gay politician who vehemently opposes all pro-gay legislation, but the even more delicious hypocrisy of an anti-immigrant politician caught with a young latino man in his car -- apparently driving away from the gay bar's Latin night.) And keep you eyes on his blog, because he says he's continuing to try to convince the man to come forward publicly.

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