Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fangoria German Archive from Mad Mags

Okay, all of you horror fans are probably really sick of this endless Starlog science fiction archiving stuff, right? You say, Enough of the spaceships and unicorns and interplanetary travel. Give me scary spirits and bloody heads. Well, erm, okay.

So, here's the online Mad Mags archive of the short-lived German edition of Fangoria magazine. Like the Deutsche ausgabe of sister magazine Starlog, the German Fango was put together and printed in the United States by the staff of the American original, and shipped to Germany. I've seen one German reader who complained that it was just a translation of the U.S. edition; in other words, it wasn't Germanicized enough, and that's probably a fair criticism. After all, if I were doing a German science fiction or horror magazine, I'd mix the latest U.S. and international films/books/TV programs with the classic German horror and fantasy films (Metropolis! Frau im MondThe Cabinet of Doctor Caligari! usw). Alas.

So anyway, enjoy.

So what about the U.S. edition of Fango? I'm going to be too busy for who-knows-how-many-years with my Starlog Internet Archive Project, so I guess a horror magazine fan out there will have to do the online Fangoria archive. Calling all Fangoria fans! Pour some of your energy and love into this project -- and let me know when it's ready.

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Mel said...

I would love to do an index/archive of the complete run of Fangoria, including any other materials they have in their collection. I believe such a resource would be invaluable for film historians, film students, anyone interested in the social history of horror. I am a professional librarian with a huge interest in the horror genre, with experience in collection management, archiving, cataloging and indexing multiple information formats. If Fango wants their collection well organized, fully indexed and accessible, I’ll send them over a resume.