Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How the Chicago Sun-Times Was Saved: A Near-Death Experience

The sad stories of historic newspapers dying out have been all too frequent in the past decade, so it's great to see this story from the Chicago Tribune's Phil Rosenthal about how competitor Chicago Sun-Times has come back from the brink.

How close to the brink was the paper?

The company had already drawn up the notices to employees telling them the company was being closed. That close.

Though I haven't lived in Chicago for a decade, I am still glad to see that it continues to have two major dailies. The two papers compete head-on, and the city benefits from having two papers that are pretty good. That's more than most big cities can say these days.

Read Rosenthal for more, including Sun-Times columnist Roger Ebert's optimistic take on the new ownership structure.

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