Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tim Gunn Takes Top Honors, Again

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Tim Gunn
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Like most Project Runway viewers, I think the highlight of the show – and sometimes the only classy part of the program – is Tim Gunn. He's unfailingly polite, honest, professional and, unlike the judges, he manages to give the designers honest critiques without making them feel worthless.

So I was pleased that Gunn made an appearance on The Daily Show last night to plug his latest book, Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work. I had not been planning on buying the book before I saw the program, but after watching him discuss Anna Wintour with host Jon Stewart, I have to get this book.

They discussed an incident in which Ms. Wintour – the legendary editor of Vogue magazine – was carried down five flights of stairs because she couldn't get down fast enough in her shoes. I've defended Wintour on this blog in the past, and I think much of what I wrote still holds. She's an extraordinary editor and leader in her field. But Gunn's critique (and his hilarious response to Vogue's minions who tried to pressure him into removing the item from the book; watch the video above) show him to be perceptive and even brave. He's not being catty; he's making a serious criticism of the bloated egos in the fashion industry.

Which makes him something of a rarity. When will we get Tim Gunn's fashion magazine? Need an editor?

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