Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long Falls into Trap o' the Homophobes

So, another virulently homophobic anti-gay crusading religious figure is facing charges of coercing young men (at least one of whom was 17 at the time) into homosexual activity.

Huh, another homophobe might be gay. Didn't see that coming.

Long is another of those folks who believe that homosexuality can be "cured" and he has been a very public campaigner against gay marriage.

You know what? That's not shocking. Because like Sen. Larry Craig, who opposed gay rights and then was caught soliciting sex with a male undercover police officer in an airport bathroom (seriously, closeted Right-wingers, public bathrooms? is there any more disgustingly dirty and smelly place you'd like to express your hidden sexuality?), people like Long don't think of homosexuality as something a person is, it's something a person does. So in their view, anyone can be tempted to the dark side, so to speak, and commit a sin that to them is just like being tempted to evade taxes or murder someone. To them, homosexuality is something that is dirty and shameful and undeserving of respect.

These deluded people are probably honest in their opposition to gay rights even though they are likely gay. And that makes all the more destructive what they are doing to gays and lesbians across the country who are denied the right to marry, denied protection against losing their jobs, denied the right to serve their country in the military, denied in many places the right to adopt, denied equal immigration rights, and much more.

While you're trying to figure out whom to believe in this sleazy saga, note this tidbit from the CNN video:
In 2005, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that a charity Long created to help the poor and spread the Gospel had made him its biggest beneficiary. An examination of the nonprofit's tax returns and other documents revealed that the charity provided him with at least a million dollars in salary over four years, and the use of a $1.4 million home and the $350,000 Bentley. A frequent critic of black preachers (he once said they "major in storefront churches"), Long responded by saying he was a CEO of a global business who deserved his lifestyle.
Yeah. What would Jesus do? He'd keep his hands off the teen boys, and he wouldn't drive a Bentley, bishop.

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