Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Publishing News -- Playboy to Undergo "Strategic Repositioning" but "Print Isn't Going Anywhere"

New Playboy Enterprises CEO Scott Flanders has appointed a new president for the company (Alex Vaickus) and told Folio:'s Jason Fell that the media company will undergo a "strategic repositioning" this fall.

What exactly is meant by that remains to be seen, except that Flanders explicitly said the company's flagship magazine, Playboy, will remain in print. Despite a rotten 2009 (like the rest of the magazine industry), Playboy has a future with Playboy. “I am absolutely committed 100 percent to keeping Playboy in print,” he told Fell. “The magazine is the cornerstone of what we do, it’s what the brand was built on."

The big performer in the company's stable is its international licensing activity. Maybe they should also get a casino license again -- wasn't that once one of their major sources of revenue? That'd be a pretty darn big strategic repositioning, if you ask me.

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