Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No More Models for German Fashion Magazine Brigitte

It might be a ploy to get attention to help arrest a declining readership, or it might be a surrender to the growing concerns over whether emaciated models are giving women unrealistic ideas about how thin they should be. But whatever the reason, it's still big news in the magazine industry that German women's magazine Brigitte has declared that it will no longer feature models.

According to English-language German news site The Local, "Instead, the Hamburg-based title published by Gruner+Jahr plans to choose from readers who register online and staff members based on their meaningful qualities other than their dress size."

This does not mean the magazine's going to feature the type of person sitting next to you on the subway. I assume they'll still pick above-average-looking people, just presumably not ones who look like they've never eaten solid food.

Not sure if this'll catch on. I think the goal is worthy, but if their 700,000 circulation drops, I wonder if they'll stick with it.

What do you think?

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