Sunday, October 4, 2009

Batman and Robin and Joker, Redux

Ahem. Okay, so I recently printed a correction on this blog after I incorrectly identified the Batman film that was represented in a life-sized costume displayed in downtown San Francisco's Bloomingdales. In that same post, I added a couple other pictures from the display, and identified the movies they were from.

And when I say "identified," I mean "misidentified." Seriously, you should expect that from me by now.'s James Zahn wrote in to kindly point out that the Joker costume was indeed from the new Batman film, not the Tim Burton-era series. He writes, "The Bloomingdales displays are from a mix of films, but if you'll notice -- the logo plates in each display properly represent the film from which the costumes came. The Tommy Lee Jones piece clearly has the BATMAN FOREVER logo behind it, while the Bat & Joker suits have THE DARK KNIGHT logo behind them."

Er, "the logo plates in each display properly represent the film"? You didn't expect me to actually look at the photos before I posted them, did you? What do you think I am, Der Spiegel? Oh, well. On the bright side, I got at least one out of three movie ID's correct. That'd be a good percentage in baseball.

If you're still curious about the Bloomie's displays, Zahn points us to a press release that explains the movie costume promotions.

So a big (albeit sheepish) thanks to James Zahn -- who, BTW, is also creator of the nifty Fangoria Graphix comic Death Walks the Streets.

And I'll end this with the final store display photo ever on this blog. Today, while catching lunch in San Francisco's Clement Street area (if you're in this city and wondering where to escape the tourists but still have authentic Chinese food, leave Chinatown and take a cab to Clement Street), I caught site of this fellow in a model shop's front display window.

This, of course, was the costume worn by Lauren Bacall in the Tokyo-crushing scene of the 1944 Howard Hawkes film To Have and Have Not.

Or maybe not.

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