Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hugh Hefner -- Marge Simpson Cover Gets Most Media Attention "in Memory"

The hullabaloo over cartoon character Marge Simpson's upcoming Playboy magazine cover and pictorial inside has not abated. Pretty much every media outlet is reporting it, which makes it a very smart publicity move (and hey, that's what covers are supposed to do: Drive publicity and buyer curiosity). It even supported two top-ten "trending topics" on Twitter one day.

Now Playboy founder and editor Hugh Hefner has acknowledged via Twitter that the move has generated tremendous publicity.

Hefner (Twitter name: hughhefner) tweets: "Marge Simpson's cover & pictorial are generating more media attention than any celebrity in memory." Still, not all of that info has been correct; he adds in a later tweet: "The Marge Simpson pictorial in the November issue is 5 page not 3, as reported elsewhere, including a gatefold & data sheet." What? No Homer Party Jokes? Alas ...

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