Sunday, September 27, 2009

Various Batmans Galore, Good and Bad

In the comments to my recent post about the Batman costumes at the local Bloomingdales, the claim is made that the photo of Batman's costume is from the Christian Bale pix and not the previous series of Bat-flix started by Tim Burton and run deep into the ground by Joel Schumacher.

I might be wrong about the Bat-costume. Okay, I probably am. As I now recall, the longer the Schu-flix continued, the more hard-core and nipple-endowed the Batman and Robin costumes became. Strange, then, that that the other costumes at Bloomies were these two pictured here. One is from Burton's Batman, and the other is from Batman Forever. Riddle me this: Does Bloomies know its superheroes or not?

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