Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lion Dancing at the Autumn Moon Festival

Only in San Francisco, it seems, is the month of September warmer than August. And this past Sunday, it was down right hot.

So hot, in fact, that I didn't spend as much time as I'd have liked for my visit to Chinatown's Autumn Moon Festival Street Fair. But what I saw was colorful and interesting.

Most of Grant Street running up the center of Chinatown was closed for pedestrian traffic and street booths featuring food, traditional Chinese musicians, and of course lots of product vendors.

Every hour, there was the lion dance, which you can see in one of these photos with the performers holding the costume above their heads.

But in the end, I got tired of trying to stick close to the buildings for what little shade there was, so I headed to cooler (i.e., air-conditioned) climes.

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