Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stephen King Writes "Scary" Article for Fangoria

Writer Stephen King has contributed a massive 7,500-word article on "What's Scary" for the December and January issues of Fangoria magazine, reports -- well, Fangoria magazine.

According to the notice on Fango's web site, King says "I’ve wanted to be a Fango contributor ever since I purchased my first issue,” King says. “For me, this is a nightmare come true.” Hopefully, he'll be able to leverage this article into bigger things. This kid's got talent. Trust me. He'll be big some day.

Of course, another way of looking at that is to note that Fango readers have wanted King to be a Fango contributor ever since the first issue. So, a lotta dreams are coming true.

In the essay, King looks at what works and what doesn't in the making of horror tales. Presumably, the cover of the December issue won't look like this:

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