Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Esquire to Cut Frequency, Hike Price

It might be late to the cost-cutting party, but Hearst's Esquire magazine has announced that it will follow the path of The Atlantic, Playboy, The Advocate, and so many, many more magazines by combining two issues next year into a "double issue" and raising its cover price.

Fishbowl New York reports that the cover price will rise 30 percent to 4.99 an issue, which, at current rates, is not much less than a full-year's subscription, so subscribe today!

The June and July 2010 issues will be combined into one. As with most of the magazines that've combined issues during this publishing depression, it's possible that Esquire will return to full monthly publication when things improve. After all, anyone remember Esquire Fortnightly, the magazine's short-lived twice-a-month publishing schedule in 1978-1979? Things change.

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