Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Batman Shops at Bloomie's, Apparently

After taking in the Autumn Moon Festival Street Fair in San Francisco's Chinatown this past Sunday, I sought refuge from the awful heat by heading into an air-conditioned mall downtown.

In the fourth-floor entrance to Bloomingdales, I noticed this fellow in life-size form and had to take a picture. There were also glass-encased statues of several other Batman movie characters. I'm not sure what the promotion was for (especially because these statues were from the previous series of Batman movies, not the Christian Bale ones).


James Zahn said...

Actually - that Batman suit IS from the new series. It's from THE DARK KNIGHT.

jzipperer said...

Ugh. I think you're correct. Strange, than, that the other statues were from the Bloomingdales display were clearly the Tommy Lee Jones character from (ugh) Batman Forever and another from the first Tim Burton Batman.
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