Friday, May 13, 2011

Fangoria Announces Bloody Best of Gorezone Special Edition Magazine

In its weekly newsletter, horror magazine Fangoria announced a sort-of resurrection of Gorezone magazine, a dormant sister publication published by the Fango staff in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The Blood Best of Gorezone magazine will feature reprinted articles from the dead (now undead?) magazine. But don't rush to your local Barnes & Noble; the magazine will only be available at Comic Con and through the Fangoria web site.

Gorezone was one of the horror magazines – along with the even shorter-lived Toxic Horror – that Fangoria's former publisher, Starlog Group, produced in an attempt to suck up newsstand space from competitors. Gorezone (not to be confused with the unrelated British Gorezone magazine that is published today) was sort of like Fango's messier little brother, covering more edgy and bloody films than even Fango covered (which is saying something, because Fangoria earned its fame by being the bloody, new wave horror film mag of the 1980s). Aside from the requisite film reports, it included some things Fangoria didn't, such as posters, short fiction, and a number of critical columns.

According to Fangoria, this Bloody Best of Gorezone is the brainchild of current Fango editor Chris Alexander, who had teased the project on his Facebook page a while back. It's just the latest welcome thing Alexander has done to shake up the Fangoria franchise.

Will it lead to a full-scale, ongoing return to print of new Gorezone issues? Fango didn't say, but its reception at Comic Con and online could be a good indicator to the current publisher of reader appetite for the magazine.

Hint, hint.

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