Thursday, May 26, 2011

Complete Table of Contents for Galaxis: The Worlds of Science & Science Fiction

Here's the complete list of contents in the premiere issue of Galaxis: The Worlds of Science & Science Fiction.


String Theory's Father: Q&A with Leonard Susskind, science rock star

Scientist on a Mission: In an exclusive interview, Michio Kaku talks about the future – that's being built today

The Long March of Star Wolf: David Gerrold's classic space war novels deserve to be filmed

The Paper Rumor Mill: How fans got their news before the internet

Remembering Moonbase Alpha

Heart-to-Heart Talk: Deepak Srivastava talks stem cells

When 14-Year-Olds Saved Humanity: How Gundam puts U.S. animation to shame

A Larger View: Photo essay on how NASA has broadened our universe

The Lathe of Heaven: Ursula K. Le Guin's brainy SF classic on TV

Michael Medved & Robot Monster

Real Space, Real People: It's finally happening: Real people in space


Viewscreen: Introducing Galaxis; science fiction and science are already everywhere

Launch Tube: Galactica back x2? Can America still be a futurist technology leader? And more news

Question Time: Author and anthropologist Mary Doria Russell

Discoveries: Where can you see a real dinosaur today? We've got the photos to show you.

Reviewscreen: Science fiction and fact from around the world: K-20: The Fiend with Twenty Faces, The Secrets of the Chess Machine. Plus: Potter, Kaku, and Eerie Publications

Next Issue: The future in Galaxis

All of that can be found in the July 2011 issue of Galaxis (volume 1, number 1!). It's easy to get your hands on it: You can view and download a free digital copy of the magazine at issuu or you can buy a print-on-demand copy from MagCloud.

Let me know what you think about the magazine. I am already hard at work on the second issue.

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jzipperer said...

The second issue, by the way, will include a complete episode guide for a particularly excellent Sf program, a great overview of German science fiction through the decades, and more colorful goodness.