Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Star Trek's Gene Roddenberry to Get TV Hall of Fame Slot

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced that Gene Roddenberry will be added to its Hall of Fame in 2010. Roddenberry, of course, is the late creator of Star Trek (as well as other, less long-lived projects). He will be part of a small group of inductees in January that includes pioneering TV comedians Dick and Tom Smothers, Candice Bergen (anyone know that Ms. Bergen wrote an article for Playboy's February 1974 issue called "Can a Cultural Worker from Beverly Hills Find Happiness in the People's Republic of China?" -- see image above right), Charles Lisanby, Don Pardo, and Bob Stewart.

"Each year, the Television Academy has the privilege of honoring television greats that have contributed to the development and success of this ever-evolving medium," said John Shaffner, the academy's chairman and CEO. "This year's inductees have challenged and shaped popular culture, changed television for the better and entertained us royally while doing so. We are very pleased to be able to induct them into the Hall of Fame for their many achievements."

Congratulations to all.

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