Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vanity Fair Gives up in Germany

Vanity Fair launched its German edition in February 2007 to much fanfare. The weekly (as opposed to the monthly VF in the U.S.) magazine drew about 200,000 in circulation, but that wasn't enough -- certainly not in these awful economic times. Vanity Fair is closing its German edition and shutting its offices there, according to English-language German news site The Local.
What's important here is a note in the article that a Conde Nast executive "had said as late as December ... that the fashion and lifestyle magazine with a weekly circulation of 200,000 would power through the global economy crisis."
Yep. Things are moving that fast. Even in December, it was clear to anybody who was really paying attention that we're in no ordinary recession and that it was going to be long and ugly. So in December, Conde Nast thought its German edition could squeak through; now they're throwing in the towel.
That means this is very bad. Is anyone still an optimist?

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