Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Magazines Online: Starlog Spins a New Web

After several months of absence from the World Wide Web, Starlog magazine has returned with a new site, and a welcome sight it is.

It's clearly built on the template used for the new site of its sister publication, Fangoria. But what it lacks in originality it makes up for with some smart content, such as weekly lists of comics available at comics shops (keeping alive its claim to the Comics Scene name and brand), or reports on the Academy Awards. As they build up the site -- I hope, adding blogs, podcasts, and much more -- it will definitely bear watching.

Starlog as a brand has to rebuild its online presence, having slipped way off the first page of Google search results (instead, you may learn that there's a phone system called Starlog). But every journey begins with one step, and I think they've made a good one.

One question: With the recent change in its logo, why does the new site use its old, classic logo? A mistake? A place-holder? Or are they switching back?

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