Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Locus Magazine Founder Dies

Charles N. Brown, founder of science fiction news magazine Locus, died July 12. He was 71.

Locus is a densely packed periodical with author interviews, previews of book releases, fiction magazine reports, industry news, and more. It was originally founded as a one-sheet fanzine, but grew into the full-scale magazine because of Brown's love for the publication and his enjoyment editing it, notes Locus.

One last note: The Oakland, California-based magazine uses the same printing company -- Alonzo Printing -- as my San Francisco-based magazine, and I decided to add color to my non-coated pages as a result of seeing how successfully it worked with Locus' similar paper stock. Just a little tidbit to chuck into the back of your mind.

R.I.P. Charles N. Brown. You made your mark on the science fiction publishing world.
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