Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Methodist Church Trial in Wisconsin

The United Methodist Church in Wisconsin is "in turmoil," I'm told, over the upcoming trial of a lesbian pastor who officiated at the wedding of two other lesbians. She's doubly in trouble, because the Methodist church believes that gay men and woman shouldn't be pastors, and it doesn't think gay men and woman should equal rights to marriage.

Attitudes toward gay marriage are changing at a very fast pace in this country, with it headed for almost certain passage in New York state, for just the latest example. Even young evangelicals increasingly are supporting it. It is only a matter of time before it becomes a "so what?" topic, but until that happens, political parties are making whatever hay they can out of it. In the process, they are willing to destroy and harm a great many careers and families.

Which makes it all the more ridiculous to have Rev. Amy DeLong go through a trial. Just as John Kerry asked about the futility of being the last person to die for a mistaken war, is Rev. DeLong going to be the last pastor to be tried for a mistaken and unchristian policy?

The only thing that should create turmoil among Wisconsin Methodists is who is going to staff the kitchen during the potluck lunch following the worship service. Now that's the Methodist church I remember from my youth in Wisconsin.

Read more here on LoveOnTrial.org and a newspaper report here.

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