Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bunky, Safe at Last from Stupid Space Aliens

In April 1975, while inflation raged, Vietnam waned, Mao reigned in China, and the U.S. economy sputtered, a small Wisconsin newspaper called The Farmer's Friend debuted a new black-and-white comic strip, Bunky.

The titular star of the strip was a farm boy who, over the next several years, had a range of wild and humorous adventures that involved rocketships, the People's Republic of China, and space aliens. The comic was the creation of Lyle Lahey, an award-winning daily political cartoonist for the Green Bay News-Chronicle, which was published by the same company as The Farmer's Friend. (Lahey is also the author of The Packer Chronicles, a collection of his cartoons about Green Bay's football team through bad years and good.)

Watch for a special retrospective of Bunky in a future issue of Galaxis (the first edition is still available free here in digital form or you can buy a print copy here). And in the future ... maybe a Bunky book collecting the entire run of the strip? Wouldn't that be nice?

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