Monday, June 20, 2011

Internet Domain Names Galore: The Internet Me

ICANN, the international body that regulates top-level domain names – those suffixes such as .com or .de or .ws at the ends of web and email addresses – is going to dramatically increase their number. And here's the cool/stupid/fun part: practically anyone can have one of their own top-level domains, for a paltry $185,000 fee.

The BBC reports that new domains could be things like .coke or .bbc. Frankly, this is a dream come true to me, because back when I was an editor at Internet World magazine I used to joke that I always hoped to have my own top-level domain. That way, I could have an email address of johnzipperer@johnzipperer.johnzipperer

Now I know I was not being silly; I was prescient.

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