Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Damn Cool Video of Sun Storms, from NASA

I might be easy to satisfy, but -- President Obama, listen up -- this video is reason enough for me to support strong funding for NASA.

Stick with me; this makes sense: I have a photo on my work computer showing a mountain lion in a tree. It is from a Milwaukee-area news web site report on a mountain lion that was discovered wandering in some Milwaukee suburb a year or two ago. As a Wisconsin-born Californian, I was surprised; I didn't know the Badger state even had mountain lions. And just looking at the incredible large cat makes me happy; I don't want to pet it, I don't want to own it; I'm just thrilled that nature creates such incredible animals. (And I'm glad my own cat isn't that big. He'd kill me when I am late feeding him.)

Same thing with the sun. I think there's a very important feeling(and important thoughts) that one gets when one really sees the universe in its incredible power and beauty. Just enjoy it. There's so much in life that's ugly and hurtful. But there are giant cats on this planet of ours, and there are exciting space storms on the surface of our sun.

Full story here. Click on the link, scroll down the new page, to watch the video.

image: NAZA/Goddard

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