Friday, April 2, 2010

Check out Omni Magazine Tribute Site

A Chicago tech consultant named Mirko Cukich is building a very cool-looking web site devoted to the late great magazine Omni. Omni was a science and science-fiction magazine produced by Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione from 1978 to 1995; at its height, its circulation was larger than 1 million, but it dropped down to around 600,000 at the time of its closure.

Omni was launched just months after Starlog launched Future (renamed Future Life a year later), and Guccione's company was just too much larger for Future/Future Life to compete, so it died four years later. (Though it should be noted that the second issue of Omni excerpted Starlog/Future's great Space Art book of space paintings.)

I loved both magazines, though I was probably more attached to Future Life. That led me a couple years ago to make my own online tribute to Future/Future Life, and I still occasionally hear from the magazine's writers, other readers, or researchers with questions about the magazine because of that tribute page. The feedback from that page is what has led me to my ongoing project to chronicle all of the issues of Starlog -- a project that will likely take me more than a year to complete, but I'm starting it here on my blog and will soon begin storing it on my main web site.

But frankly, Cukich's site is kind of putting my efforts to shame. Give his site a look and bookmark it so you can keep visiting as he populates it with more issues.

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