Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Winq Wink, Nudge Nudge

As blogger Matthew Rettenmund shows (here), I'm not the only one to appreciate global gay culture magazine Winq. (And there are others.) His blog offers a preview of the latest issue of the U.S. edition of Winq (cover, left; Netherlands edition cover lower right).

Glad to see others are noticing this good magazine. My one complaint would be this: It's a very difficult magazine to find. I never saw the first issue (had to buy it as a back issue, shipped all the way from Holland), and I quickly bought the second issue at a Borders here in San Francisco. But I haven't seen the third issue yet, despite my frequent visits to Borders. If I'm having trouble finding it in downtown San Fran, how is anyone finding it elsewhere?

I'd normally subscribe -- after all, I loves subscribing -- but the subscription price to have this quarterly delivered in the United States is $59, nearly twice the cover price (at $7.98 a pop). Not a bargain.

Hopefully, these are just the growing pains as the magazine spreads its wings (winqs? sorry) in the United States.

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