Friday, June 12, 2009

Comic Foundry's Death not Required

I admit I've never seen Comic Foundry, but in the course of following links from one blog to another, I discovered that this magazine had died an early death after only five issues. But I was getting curious the more I read, because in the penultimate issue, Editor in Chief Tim Leong announced the impending closure of the title due -- not, as one would expect, to the tanking economy and the bloodbath that is the publishing marketplace these days -- to a lack of his time to produce the publication.

Hmmm, must be nice to be able to publish a magazine and actually walk away from it. For all the publishers who would die for the chance to produce their own title, this must seem an unbelievable choice for Mr. Leong. But, hey, it's his magazine. And you've gotta respect him for that. It's sort of Calvin and Hobbesian in the way the creator just walked away when it suited him, not waiting for the slow decline of fame ...

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