Monday, May 11, 2009

500th Mad: The Next 500 Will Come VERY SLOOOWWWLYY

While surfing over the magazine covers at my local Borders yesterday, I noticed the current issue of Mad magazine. It was, according to the giant text on the cover (well, you can see it for yourself at left), the 500th issue of the magazine.

I've never been a Mad reader, even when I was in its target readership group (which is, what, anyway? grade school? junior high?) I kind of skipped it and its ilk (Crazy, Cracked, etc.) and went right to National Lampoon. Nevertheless, I was saddened to see that Mad is now published only quarterly (with another quarterly made up of best-of material). Does anyone actually subscribe to a quarterly magazine? Don't you forget you've subscribed during the time it takes for the next issue to arrive in your mailbox?

Anyway, at this pace, it'll be a looooong time before it publishes another 500 issues.

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