Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The SyFy Fun Continues

The blogosphere is being quite harsh on the Sci Fi Channel's plans to rebrand itself as Syfy. As one site, io9, put it in a headline: Sci Fi Channel Changes Its Name to a Typo

But there are others. Bloggers tend to be an outspoken (and often profane) group to begin with, but when they're actually on the side of angels, their brutality can be at least amusing. "WTF" "stupid" and "waste of time" seems to crop up in a number of these commentaries.

Here's a roundup of a few:

Scyence Fyction: Because Geeks Are Inhuman (Keith McDuffee)

Question of the Day: WTF Is up with Sci Fi Channel Changing Its Name to SyFy? (Flick Filosopher)

What the Hell Is a SyFy? (Crunch Gear)

More on that SciFi/SyFy Channel Thing (Starlog)

WTF: Sci Fi Channel Renamed SyFy (/film)

Editorial: SciFi Channel Rebranding to Syfy; "Skiffy" No More? (Firefox News)

That's a Little Iffy (The Star Online)

Sci Fy to SyFy? Houston, We've Got no Problem (Chris Matyszczyk on CNET)

Sci Fi Channel "Geeks" Blast Network's Decision to Change Name to SyFy (Chicago Tribune)

Even Sci Fi Channel Embarrassed to Admit It Watches Sci Fi Channel: Changes Name to SyFy (BestWeekEver.tv)

Sci Fi Rebrand: Fans React (Broadcasting and Cable)

Sci Fi Channel to Suffer Makeover (ENews 2.0)

And, of course, my own previous post: Sci Fi Channel Doesn't Like Sci Fi (Weimar World Service Blog)

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