Sunday, March 22, 2009

Magazine News: Genre Claimed by Recession

Owners have reportedly "suspended" publication of gay lifestyle magazine Genre. As a magazine that survived in the gay men's marketplace without being a "skin" magazine, it managed to do the near impossible and survive for about 16 years.

Who knows how temporary this suspension will be. Though Obama administration officials are projecting a rebound later this year, most economists remain deeply skeptical, and many are predicting at least another year or two of economic sickness. And with Genre's owners reportedly in serious financial troubles, it would be hard to see how that magazine could come back any time soon.

Of all the magazines I've ever thought of creating, a gay lifestyle magazine never got past the initial fancy stage. Because, frankly, there's not a great need for such magazines. Most of them are either pretty cheap pornography books or they skip the skin and try to offer lifestyle tips for a very specific (and marketable) segement of the gay population. So we get the same tired old views on sex, relationships, and politics that every other gay lifestyle magazine puts out. The only problem is that gay men are not monolithic in their views, neither politically, sexually, spiritually, or culturally. And there's not a counter-market for a magazine to serve, because many of the other potential gay readers don't think they need to be told how to be gay. So if you are going to launch a gay magazine, you have to keep going after the same core market with the same old stuff.

Anyway, another magazine, RIP.

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