Friday, July 9, 2010

I Hate Mosquitoes

I really do.

(Wait. I intended this post to be about those annoying bugs that buzz near my ear at night and wake me up, forcing me to go on a midnight hunt for the stupid little insect hidden somewhere in my room. But when I did a search in Google to find something to which I can link this post, I found a Facebook "I hate mosquitoes" page that appears to be mainly female porn-star related – I mean, geez, I'm gay and I hate small biting insects, so how much more useless can this all get? – and apparently there's some stupid game with this name or theme?? I mean, really, folks. Is nothing sacred? Must we warp every simple insect-hatred phrase into a meme for porn or online gaming?)

Oh, here's one. Though the guy who wrote it is probably quite weird. Just saying.

Oh, and this site includes the miserable information that there are 100 trillion – bloody hell, yes, TRILLION – mosquitoes in the world today. Can't Obama take care of anything?

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