Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just Found This Two-Year-Old Interview with Horror Historian Tom Weaver

While searching for something else online, I came across this interesting interview with Tom Weaver on

Weaver is well-known to anyone who's read Starlog or Fangoria for the past couple decades. His stock in trade is the extensive, well-researched interview with classic filmmakers. In the Q&A, he says he thinks he's done about 600 of them so far; a fair number of them have appeared in Starlog and Fango, and sometimes it seemed he was a regular fixture of their pages. (Always a fan of Weaver's interesting articles, I once wrote to Fangoria expressing surprise that they'd gone something like two consecutive issues without publishing a Weaver article; it was meant as a compliment to the man, and I received a nice response from him.)

Anyway, check out the interview. He begins with a fascinating (well, for us writers and editors, at least) story about how he got his start interviewing these folks: sending audio cassettes with a list of his questions and having them record their answers and return the tapes.

PS: Weaver's interviews have also been collected in many books. His latest seems to be A Sci-Fi Swarm and Horror Horde: Interviews with 92 Filmmakers.
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