Saturday, July 3, 2010

Germany 4:0 Argentina: Germany Advances to Semifinals with Assurance #ger

Okay, I believe they can go all the way now. Anything can happen, and of course the deeper Germany gets in the tournament, the better the teams the play. The Netherlands or Spain could prove victors. Who knows? But Die Mannschaft has now won three games with four goals; it hasn't allowed a single goal in the second half of any of its world cup games; its players keep their composure whether the game is close or they're running away with it.

They're fun to watch.

So watch 'em. Huffington Post has short (blurry) videos of all four German goals against Argentina today.

One (Mueller) | Two (Klose) | Three (Friedrich) | Four (Klose)

Count 'em up.
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